Lists for Cobb / Cherokee County Georgia

Post lists here for local contacts in your area.
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Lists for Cobb / Cherokee County Georgia

Post by AtlPatriot » Thu Sep 06, 2012 2:15 pm

I have compiled some lists of local law enforcement / government / district attorney's for the Cobb County and Cherokee
County Georgia areas. Three of them are just for you to see exactly who the email addresses are for. The one named
"Compiled comma seperated.txt" is a list of just the email addresses you can cut and paste in your email client software. I
have also included a copy of the letter I sent to these addresses.

You may not want to use your primary email account as you never know who is on the payroll.

Please feel free to use the lists and letter for a template to use for your-self.

We know at this point that the politicians in Washington are working for the international banks and not listening to us
whatsoever. It may be the only chance we have to contact the local public servants and make them aware of what is going
on so maybe they can assist in getting this thing fixed. We do need their protection to get thru this if possible.

Please everyone make lists for your local area and contact them. Please also feel free to share them here to make it easier
and faster for others in your area to send information also.

Notice: These are all published publicly available email addresses.
List of contacts for Georgia formatted so you can just paste the list into the "TO:" field in an email.
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This is a sample letter you can use if you like.
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List of Cobb County DA's.
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Email for Kennesaw Police
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